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Zombie Housewives

The "Real Housewives" or the "Desperate Housewives" have nothing on the "Zombie Housewives".  Sharon and I are working on another book and by the title I bet you can guess what it is all about.  We went back to the Slaughterhouse which provided us with the best setting to take zombie pictures.  The horror ended up being the gawd awful weather.  The heat just about did us in.  I know what you are thinking, "why would you take outdoors pictures during a heatwave?"  When we planned it, we didn't know that Mother Nature would be having a hot flash which lasted a couple of weeks.  We persevered and got some fun pictures for our book.  I will tell you more about the book and show more pictures on September 30th for the "Blogger Zombie Walk".

Broken Glass


The Adventures of the Redheads

Be sure to check out our blog Kickin' Up Dust for more of our adventures. 

Ghost Hunt at the Globe Jail

After dinner we went back to our room to gather up the equipment for our ghost hunt at the jail in Globe, AZ. One of our team members had an event to attend and would meet us at the jail. The weather was hot and very sticky outside. We had concerns about how hot it would be inside the cement walls of the jail. According to our host, it could be uncomfortable. He suggested we do mini hunts of 15-20 minutes and step outside to cool off. Ha, cool off, but he was right, it was cooler outside.

We gathered together in a room on the first floor where a fan was blowing. We saw a quick video on the rules during our visit and the history of the place. Our host then took us around the first floor pointing out all the historic items in each room. He let us explore the jail cells by ourselves. I am thinking it was just too hot and he just didn’t want to go in the back rooms and other floors. It gave us a chance to get the investigation started right away.

My ghost hunt buddy and I went in first. We …

Fin Clanton: The Lesser Known Brother

He may not have been one of the participants in the shooting at the O.K. Corral but he did have his share of seedy activities and breaking the law. He was born Phineas Fay Clanton on December in 1843 and went by the nickname of “Phin” or “Fin”. He was one of seven children born to Newman Haynes Clanton and Maria Sexton Kelton. Fin was born in Callaway County, Missouri but lived in many places during his young life.

When he was in his early 20’s his mother died while the family was traveling to California. In 1869 when he was 24, he lived with his oldest brother John and his wife Nancy. By the age of 28, Fin moved back to Arizona to help his father establish a farming community he called Clantonville in Gila Valley, Arizona. In 1877, the same year Ed Shieffelin discovered silver and founded Tombstone, the Clantons moved near the San Pedro River and built a house for their newly established ranch. They raised cattle and sold lots of beef to the citizens of the neighboring towns.

In July o…

Ghosts in the Attic

We conducted an EVP session and seance in the attic of the Gila County jail in Globe. This is where Sharon saw a full-body apparition a few years earlier. It did feel like we were not alone.


Indian Ruins

Besh-Ba-Gowah is a 700 year old pueblo ruin.  Once occupied by the Salado Indians, the place stands almost intact today.  Near the ruins is a museum and amazing ethno-botanical garden.  The name Besh-Ba-Gowah means, "place of metal" or "metal camp" in Apache language.

Otis Campbell Sleeps Here?

Inside the Globe jail.