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Trailer Park: Ravished by Time

I have been to this place several times since 2010. The first time I went to the area, there were three trailers standing, one about to collapse, a swing set standing, and trash thrown all over the grounds. As time went on, two of the trailers disappeared, the swing set fell down, and the lone trailer finally collapsed after hanging on for at least 5 years. This past weekend, Sharon and I decided to go back to the trailer park. This winter, Arizona has experienced more rain and snow than it had in a very long time. We were not sure if the grounds were going to be muddy or flooded. The area had so much growth from all the rain that seeing the grounds was almost impossible. We did find our way around to get updated photos of the area. The dirt road next to the trailer park. We didn't have to drive over the puddles. Estrella Mountains are in the background with snow on its peaks. This place is new. Apparently it is a remote control car raceway. There used to be nothing the

The Barn: Once Here, Now Gone

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2019 Winter in Arizona

Last winter in Arizona, we didn't have much of a winter. The towns and cities in the northern and eastern part of the state didn't get much snow. In the Phoenix, the weather was in the 70s for at least three months throughout winter. Although we enjoyed having our windows open, it sucked for my hubby's AC business. This winter however feels like winter. The northern and eastern parts of the state have been getting so much snow that some of the highways had to be closed. Our ski resorts are loving it. In the Phoenix area, we had lots of rain and chilly weather. Some of the cities on the outskirts of Phoenix got snow. I even heard that Phoenix got some snow flurries but it didn't stick. Phoenix also experienced heavy fog. Sharon and I decided to head back to a couple of abandoned places we haven't seen in a couple of years this past weekend. I will share pictures of what we saw in later posts. On the way back home, we were on a highway where we could see mountai

Southwest Foggy Morning

It isn't often that we wake up to fog in the Phoenix area. I was excited to see it and ran outside to take pictures around our house. I started in the backyard and then went out front. It was amazing to see, but glad I didn't have to drive in it.

Southwest Winter Garden

One of the things we are blessed with in Arizona, the Phoenix area, is our great winter weather. Last winter it pretty much stayed in the 70s as our high and 40s for our low for three to four months. That is perfect weather for spring, so we never really had a winter. This year our lows have dipped into the 20s, the highs in the low 60s, and lots of rain. For us Phoenicians, that is winter. The weather has not stopped our veggies and plants from growing like crazy. After thinking that all our tomato plants died out because of the very hot weather last summer, they came back this winter in droves. They seemed to reseed themselves and went crazy. Our jalapeno plant did not produce anything last year but is going crazy this year. We are very excited for the growth in our garden. My husband and I planted more seeds in the empty planters and hope we have luck with them as well. We know that they needed to be planted now in order to survive the harsh summer weather. We have learned lots fr