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Experiencing Bearizona

Bearizona is a Williams, Arizona attraction located on Route 66.  This North American wildlife park permits visitors to enjoy seeing feral animals in their natural environment all from the security of your vehicle.  They say that  “Bearizona is an adventure!”   There is an extensive diversity of flora and fauna from bison, lively big horn sheep, crafty wolves and cute bear cubs.  Along with the animals, they also feature High Country Raptors (not the ones seen on Jurassic Park).  You will experience hawks, owls, falcons and other raptors either perched or soaring above.  See each raptor close up and personal. “Bearizona’s mission is to promote conservation through memorable and educational encounters with North American wildlife in a natural environment.” The park will take at least 2 hours depending on how fast you drive thru.  If you want to see the animals out and about, in plain view, the best time to go is early morning or late afternoon. Another feature of Bea

Wine Tasting in Williams

One of the reasons we picked Williams to take a weekend excursion to was because it had wine tasting rooms and vineyards.  They have a few places, but we only went to two. Grand Canyon Winery This tiny winery creates some of best tasting wines found in the Verde Valley.  They are working on getting their own vineyard, but for now they use the finest grape to come out of Southern Arizona.  They want you to have a delightful experience, have fun, and keep it real.  We tasted three of their sweeter wines and decided to have a glass of Peach Keen.  Our experience there was a pleasing one. South Rims Wine & Beer Garage This locale has a leading, but casual wine tasting room and lounge.  Not only does it have a variety of wines, but beers, one-of-a-kind gifts, souvenirs, and Native American artist items.  You also have free Wi-Fi and plenty to eat from their menu.  We had the chicken nachos and th

Red Garter Inn

Built and opened in 1897 as a saloon and bordello, the Red Garter Inn bed and breakfast is a nice place to stay while in Williams, AZ.  The narrow two-story building has been restored to its former glory and offer breakfast as part on your stay in Anna’s Grand Canyon Coffee & Café below the rooms.  The façade is Victorian Romanesque brick with twelve foot high ceilings with skylights and antique décor in each room.  There is no elevator, just narrow stairs that lead to the street below.  Deb and I stayed in the largest room with two queen beds.  We had a wonderful stay and will definitely give this place another try when we visit Williams next time.  Also, they say the place is haunted by a ghost named Eve, but she didn’t make her presence known to us. When we checked in, we got a history of the place and a two page story of how the bordello/saloon/inn began.  I will give you the Readers Digest version of what it said. “August Tetzlaff was a German merchant tailor who

What's Around Williams, AZ

I just spent a weekend in Williams, AZ with my sister-in-law, Deb.  We have always wondered what Williams was like and what to do while there.  We found out that there are lots of activities in and around town.  The historic district provides plenty of places to shop, eat, and stay.  We stayed at the Red Garter Inn (post on this place to come).   It was very close to the bars and nightlife, which we had to check out. Williams is located around 30 miles from Flagstaff, along Route 66, and in the middle of a huge Ponderosa Pine Forest.  Its location provides plenty of outdoor activities.  You can hop the Grand Canyon Railway to the canyon and take in the breathtaking scenery.  More fun things to do are camping, hiking, fishing, boating, biking, horseback riding, and much more.  If you don’t want to take a train to the Grand Canyon, then drive there.  It takes only an hour to get to the park.  Deb and I decided to check out Walnut Canyon and the Sinagua ruins.  That was an a

Photography: Cemetery in the Pines

Williams, Arizona