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Sunset, Elk and Bigfoot?

While in Young AZ, we decided to park our jeep near a dirt road that enters into the forest. We found pieces of wood for future craft projects and unfortunately, an elk carcass. Next to that, we saw the remains of a tree that looked like it was shredded by something very strong. We did see a group of elk grazing across the road. The male was keeping his eyes on us while protecting the pregnant female of the group. We felt like someone or something was watching us from beyond the trees in the forest. We both thought we saw a figure that resembled the elusive bigfoot. Was it him? We don't know, but I did capture something interesting in one of my photos while panning the forest with my camera on zoom.While waiting for the sun to set, we could see smoke from the other side of the mountain. Thank goodness it was put out by the end of the weekend. Very sad to see our state on fire.

Abandoned Photography: Young AZ


Etsy Shop: Halloween Items

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