Young, Arizona

This is where we stayed.

Young is a standalone municipality located in the middle of the Tonto National Forest. You have a couple of core roads leading in and out of town. For most of the drive, the road is not paved and a four-wheel drive is suggested during extreme weather.

Young is 60 miles southeast of Payson, 65 miles north of Globe and 150 miles from Phoenix. From Mesa, it took us 3 hours, but we stopped for lunch, gas and groceries.

Young is known for the Pleasant Valley War. This took place between 1887 and 1897. I did a post about three years ago on this war. Here is the link:

(When I write a post about the museum, I will show more pictures from that era.)

Sharon and I enjoyed ourselves in this small town. We managed to find several things to do while staying there a couple of days. It is a great place to vacation and get far away from the large city.


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