Bruzzi Vineyards

There is a hidden gem located in the small community of Young AZ, called Bruzzi Vineyard. When Sharon and I were googling places to visit in Arizona, the vineyard came up. We wanted to stay in Arizona because of the virus, so I took it as a sign that this is where our next trip needs to be. Why is Bruzzi Vineyard a sign? My Mother's maiden name is Bruzzi and I have lots of Bruzzi cousins on the east coast. None of the family knew if James, the owner, was related, so I needed to check it out for myself. What the heck, I would get a nice dinner and delicious wine out of the deal as well.

It was easy to find the vineyard. It was on the main road and only 5 minutes from the inn where we were staying. You enter onto a small drive with grapes growing on both sides. We got there early so we decided to take tons of pictures. The place was magical with plump grapes growing everywhere, llamas in the back along with sheep and glamping tents. We didn't get to see inside the tents because they were occupied. We are thinking of staying in one the next time we are there.

Dinner was at six. The two servers were so nice and pleasant. We started with our choice of wine, followed by bread and a salad. We had clam chowder after that and then the main course. Our meal was lobster ravioli with shrimp on top. OMG, it was so delicious!! After the meal, we had chocolate mousse. I was so stuffed that I took the mousse back to the room to eat later. Everything was homemade. They use lots of local ingredients.

After the meal, we walked outside to be greeted by an amazing sunset. We had to take more pictures and bought some items at the farmer's market near where the jeep was parked. We had an amazing time and will definitely go there again. Unfortunately, I did not get to meet James or his father during this visit. He was hosting another event going on the same night.

For more on Bruzzi Vineyards, visit their sites:


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