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Mogollon Monster Burger

 The Cabin Bar and Grill 2763 AZ-260 Overgaard, AZ Since Sharon and I tried a Sasquatch Burger while in Tempe, we just had to try the Mogollon Monster Burger while in Overgaard. I have to say that the Sasquatch Burger is much larger, but both are very delicious . A must try if you are in the area.

Two Hippies Beach House

Sharon and I like to find different places to eat in and around Phoenix. She found the perfect place for us, Two Hippies Beach House. Sense we are a couple of self proclaimed hippies, we had to give this place a try. The decor is exactly what a hippies place would look like. It has two small patios, a VW van out front with lots of 70s decorations all around. You place your order inside, and then take a seat outside. It was over 100 degrees that day, but with the misters and fans, it didn't feel hot sitting on the covered patio. We both ordered fish tacos. One was grilled and the other was crispy. Both tacos were delicious. I recommend this place to anyone who likes good food and a quirky theme.

Pumpkins in Summer

My friend Sharon's pumpkins grew like crazy and were ready to be picked. We decided to set them up in a still life arrangement so we can photograph them. We even played around with different lighting. I like how they turned out. All photos were taken with my cell phone.

Wrigley Mansion

This sprawling structure was built in 1929 as an anniversary present from William Wrigley Jr. to his wife Ada as a winter residence. He called this place, which has 24 rooms, 12 bathrooms, and 16,000 square feet, a cottage. My idea of a cottage and his are vastly different. The mansion sits at the top of a huge mound and has picturesque views of downtown Phoenix as well as Camelback Mountain. The inside of the mansion is just a glorious as the outside. All the tiles were shipped to Phoenix from William’s factory in Catalina. It was transported first by ship, then train, and finally by mules to their final destination. Not one tile was broken in the move. Who is William Wrigley Jr. and how did he make his fortune? He was born on September 30, 1861 in Philadelphia. In 1891, with only $32 dollars in his pocket, he moved to Chicago. He wanted to start his own business selling Wrigley’s Scouring Soap. This shrewd business man offered free baking powder when they bought his s