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Yard Photos: After the Rain


Antiquities Warehouse

I am always excited to find a great antique store. My hubby and I were looking for an old door to use as a decorative wall in our house. I found a place called Antiquities Warehouse which had lots of doors to pick from. What I didn't expect was how large the place was and the huge array of items that was stuffed in every corner of the warehouse. You can take an hour or two just wandering around looking at all the amazing antiques that the place is chalk full of. All the antiques are owned by one woman. You can see all the details of this wonderful place on their website: Below is a slideshow video I made of the many things you will find in the Antiquities Warehouse:

Ghost Ranch Modern Southwest Cuisine

I love it when Sharon and I can find different places to dine at. Her son told her about the Ghost Ranch Modern Southwest Cuisine restaurant in Tempe, AZ. His wife and he love the food and is one of their favorite places to eat lunch or dinner. Well, they were right. The food and atmosphere was amazing. I had their chicken enchiladas and they were to die for. My favorite so far. The side dish of rice and beans completed the meal perfectly. I would totally suggest for everyone to give this place a try. You won't be disappointed.