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The Haunted Strip Mall (Revisited)

Almost seven years ago I wrote about the strip mall near the house we were living in at the time.  It sits on the corner of 19th and Northern Avenues in Phoenix.  At the time there was an Albertsons, Starbucks, Einstein’s Bagels, other shops and offices.  I don’t know what is there now because we moved away from the area.
I had heard stories about the mall being haunted.  I looked up the claims that some have reported about the area.  Before it became a strip mall, there were several abandoned decaying buildings on the site.  Witnesses have seen ghosts wandering around the old buildings.  Kids who decided to explore the place at night heard crying and whimpering resonating from a long dark passage.  They reported seeing three headstones, a large one in the middle of two smaller ones.  The odd thing was that no one ever saw them in the light of day.
Today there sits a strip mall where some employees reported hearing crying and seeing what they could only describe as a ghost in various…

Haunted Places Around Arizona

These are some of the many known haunted places around the state of Arizona.  I have visited them all, but only investigated some.  You can check into a few of the places to stay the night, and the others you must have permission to see them.  I have had some paranormal experiences at some of the places.  You can read all about those experiences and the history of these places on this blog.  I plan to be a part of more investigations of other known haunted places and will probably do another video on them.

Mid-Century Souper Salad Building

In 1977 an unusual bank building was built in west Phoenix at the Metro Center Mall.  It started life as a Western Savings Bank and nowadays is a Souper Salad restaurant.  This innovative round-shaped structure has arched windows and an extraordinary dome on top.
The structure was designed by renowned Peruvian born architect and engineer, W.A. Sarmiento.  It is a concrete Expressionist style edifice with a gallant “crown roast” appearing to ascend up to into the sky from the roof.  Sarmiento has designed many unique mid-century-modern buildings throughout the country post-World War II.  Some of his buildings are around downtown Phoenix and other cities throughout the state.  I plan to seek those buildings out and photograph each one.  I will share those photos in a post.

Pleasant Valley Range War

I know you heard of the Hatfields and McCoys, but what about the Grahams and Tewksburys?  Between the years 1882 and 1892, a heated battle was waged between two families who lived in Pleasant Valley, Arizona. The Tewksbury-Graham Feud was also referred to as the Tonto Basin Feud or Tonto Basin War and ended up involving more than just the two families. 
The Grahams were ranchers who came to the United States from Northern Ireland in 1851.  Samuel Graham, his wife Jane and five kids made a home in Ohio.  Ten years after moving to Ohio, Jane passed away from an illness.  Sam ended up marrying a woman with seven children of her own, Mary E. Goetzman.  (Sort of a Yours, Mine and Ours family)  It was in 1881 that Sam's sons, John and Thomas, bought land in Arizona.  The Graham family was actually invited to stake a claim in the thriving lands of Arizona by Ed Tewksbury.
Edwin Tewksbury, or Ed as his friends called him, was born in San Francisco, CA in 1858.  His father was a miner an…

New Year, Organized My Room

With the start of this new year, I wanted to declutter my office/craft room.  I got rid of the 1960's cabinet and found an awesome antique hutch to replace it.  I found a table in my garage and put that in there to use as my craft table.  It is a little less cluttered and more organized.  Now, time to make more crafts for my Etsy shop.

Native American Ruins and Petroglyphs


Abandoned Businesses in Arizona


My Watercolors

Along with my crafts, photography, and writing, I also love to watercolor.  I have been experimenting with different types of paper, boards and canvas.  I am still trying to find my technique, but not sure if I will.  I just paint the way I feel at the moment.  I do tend to paint more realistically.  Here are the ones I have finished so far:

Plans for 2017

We always start the year with plans for what we want to do that year.  For the most part, plans have always changed.  2017 brings lots of hope and exciting adventures.

I will still be going on road trips with my bestie, Sharon, along with others who come to visit or live in town.  We have a few ghost investigations on our to-do lists which will take us to places we have not been to before.  I am excited for that.  I am hoping to do lots of urban exploration in places I have yet to explore.  Some of those places could be out of state.
This year my son will be 30 years old, while my hubby hits the big 6-0.  We definitely have to celebrate those milestones.  Gary and I are hoping to finally visit Oregon around our anniversary, but we shall see.  We are taking our family trip to Durango this year.  More family is coming with us.  I am very excited for that trip.  I have never been to Durango.  Gary and I are looking to finally buy a cabin in the woods, the White Mountains to be exact.  I…