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Arroyo Ranch Update

 It has been a while since I updated you on what is happening at Arroyo Ranch. We haven't started any projects, but my husband has brought up lots of materials, tools and furniture since my last post. I was hoping to add to my YouTube channel with up dated information, but since we have not officially started, I felt there was nothing to report. The weather has been the biggest factor on why we have not started on updating the homestead. It has either been very hot, cold or lots of rain. He is hoping to get up there soon, maybe next week, to begin working on our house. We want our house to be ready first so we can move up there and work on what we need to make it a self-sustaining homestead. We realize that the back and forth is not working and we need to be physically up there to get it done.  What needs to happen for us to move there? We need water and solar electricity in place. That is going to happen soon. We need to finish the main bathroom and add a half bath in the main hou

Building Deliveries and Tour

I am a few months late to post these videos. My laptop decided to break down and not start up for me. I had to send it out for repairs. After I got it back, I had to find a video program that I could create videos for YouTube.  I also had to find time to figure out the program which wasn't easy. I am happy to say I figured it out enough to do simple videos. I am hoping to get better at making more elaborate videos. The first video I created was on our guest house and workshop being delivered. I decided not to add music and let the sounds of the wind, our voices, and the delivery truck be what you hear. It ended up turning out just fine. My second video was a tour of the property. I photographed everything around the ranch to give everyone an update. These videos were made in March and things have changed since then. Gary has brought up lots of stuff that we wanted up there and we organized a bit.  The boys had intended to work on the bathroom a week ago, but one of them got sick an

Winter at Arroyo Ranch

The wash from the road.