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Arizona Cruisers and Demons

When little boys grow up to be big boys, their toys get more expensive.  Many, like my husband, love their muscle cars such as the Dodge Challenger.  My hubby has a badass 2016 Challenger Shaker.  It is red, one of one, has Shaker across the doors on both sides, and roars loud enough to hear him coming.  Several times throughout the year, the Challenger Demons, and others Arizona clubs who love their mopar vehicles, take a daytrip or overnighters, and cruise together in their cars.  We have been on a couple of daytrips to small towns and had lunch with this wonderful group of people.  My hubby and his car have met their tribe.

My Etsy Shop: Journals

I have added journals to my Etsy shop.  Check them out:  Getaway Keepsakes

Copper Queen Hotel: My Ghost Stories

I have trekked to and stayed in Bisbee, AZ several times.It was the ghost stories and the evidence that Ghost Hunters found at the Copper Queen Hotel that was why myself and several friends wanted to go there in the first place.

Built in 1902, the classy hotel was constructed by a wealthy Copper Queen Mining Company.The hotel was built for the mining executives and played host to traveling men, governors and dignitaries.It is located in the heart of down town Bisbee and is well maintained to this day.

There are a few well-known spirits that haunt the place.A prostitute named Julia Lowell committed suicide after a gentleman suiter refused to dump his wife for her.Now the sadden ghost haunts room 315 which was named after her.Apparently she will only materialize for men staying in her room.They report a white mist, a female whispering in their ear, their sheets being pulled back so she can rub their feet, and awaken to Julia doing a striptease dance, then disappearing.
Julia isn’t the only…

Harvest Grill and Greens

Just north of Durango and along Highway 550, you will find the James Ranch.  For over 50 years, the James Ranch serves their customers lunch and dinner with delightful meats, cheeses and vegetables they harvest on the ranch.  They use organic, sustainable and grass-based practices for years which you will find in all the items they provide such as sauces and even pickles.If they don’t make it on the farm, they will use local items from the neighboring people. The Harvest Grill and Greens is a fun family place to go.You can order any one of their freshly made sandwiches, burgers, bratwurst, salads and a kids menu to delight the little ones.While enjoying your meal, you can sit on the terraces which have amazing scenery of the ranch. We found out that every Thursday in the summer (5-8pm), you can enjoy your dinner with the sounds of a live band.It cost $20 and includes a Harvest Grill Signature Burger (beef or veggie) with kids under 12 getting in free.They have tables, but some like to b…

Scenery Along Highway 550 in Colorado