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Oddities in the Desert

Lastly, from the trailer park is the odd things we found while wandering around the place.

Signs of Life

Throughout the mess, we saw signs that life once existed in this desolate place.  Scattered among the rubble were toys, furniture, and small items once used by a person or family.  Now, they are just memories.

Difference in Time

It is amazing how much this place changes over time.  I did  a post on the swing set, now I will post photos I took while standing in the same location, but in different years.  The "trailer park" has endured many changes in three years.

Through the Walls

We are never disappointed when we visit the "trailer park" near Mobile, AZ.  There seems to be less and less of the lone standing trailer.  You can see the mountains behind the area through the trailer.  One of these days we expect this trailer will finally fall like the others before it.

Where Have The Children Gone?

What a difference over two years makes.  Sharon and I headed out to Painted Rock to take photos of the petroglyphs.  Along the way are a couple of places we wrote about in our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book.  The first place was the abandoned trailer park where the child's swing set once stood.  Now, it is in pieces and scattered around the area.  It is sad to see this, but the area is located in an open range where the winds are not forgiving.  The harsh desert weather has raised havoc on this place.  I will have a few posts on what I found along with the lone trailer shell which is still standing.

No More Business

This sweet abandoned place was found in Superior, AZ.  I don't know how we missed it the other times we were in this small mining town, but I am glad we came across it this time.  It looks like it probably was some type of business.  Whatever it was, it now sits empty and boarded up like many other places in Superior.

MacPherson's and Magma Hotels

They now sit abandoned in downtown Superior, AZ, but were once the place to stay while in town.  In 1912, the Magma Hotel was constructed with an adobe portion added four years later.  In 1923, the red brick MacPherson's Hotel Magma was finished and managed by John M. MacPherson for a couple of decades.  These large two-story hotels were bustling with activity when Superior's mines were at their most prosperous. But in 1981 when the mines closed, the town of Superior along with its businesses suffered.  The hotels took a hit and eventually closed their doors.

Today, they are empty with only memories and possibly some of the town's past residents or visitors still staying at these hotels.  There have been claims of paranormal activity among the ruins.  Some have reported seeing apparitions, or hearing disembodied voices and unexplained noises.  A fence surrounds the decaying walls of the hotels, keeping curious onlookers from getting hurt.