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Happy 2013 Halloween and Fall

I am a big kid when it comes to Halloween and the fall, just like many of you out there.  Here are some of my pictures of the season:

The Crypt: Haunted Attractions

After spending an evening running around in a dark creepy corn maze and photographing a pumpkin patch, we wanted spend the next night being scared.  We choice a haunted attraction in Chandler called "The Crypt".  This was perfect for us to get into the Halloween spirit.  Here is their website:

We were only allowed to take pictures and videos outside each attraction.  Taking pictures inside probably would be blurry because you are busy running from the crazies hiding inside.  The first place we went inside was called "The Crypt".  It was Sharon, myself, a young girl, her boyfriend, and a couple of high school dudes.  We wandered through a maze of fog, darkness, tubes, and finally a chainsaw welding crazy man chasing out through the exit.  The two dudes pushed past us and almost ran to the parking lot.  That damn chainsaw seemed so real and scared the crap out of all of us.

The next place was "The Asylum" where Sharon and I went i…

Scarecrows, Darkness, Corn Maze... Oh My!

Scarecrows, or hay-man, can be very creepy sitting in a field especially when it is dark.  They take the shape of humans and are usually wearing aged and tattered clothes.  They are placed in these fields to frighten away crows and sparrows from eating seeds or grown crops.  They may scare crows from invading the fields, but they can be intimidating for humans as well.  After all, they usually don't sing and help a lost girl from Kansas get to the Wizard of Oz.  Most are as creepy as the dark corn fields themselves. (For awesome and creepy scarecrow pictures, check out this blog:

Every year at Schnepf's Farms in the far east valley in Queen Creek, AZ, you will find Sharon and I roaming through the corn maze, taking pictures, and getting lost.  We have a blast and will probably do it for more years to come.  This is a glimpse of what the creepy corn maze is like inside when the sun is going down and the full moon is rising.

The Great Pumpkin

In the words of Linus:  "Tonight (Halloween) the Great Pumpkin will rise out of the pumpkin patch.  He flies through the air and brings toys to all the children of the world."

As we all know, the Great Pumpkin does not show, and Charlie Brown gets a bag full of rocks.  (You gotta love the classics!)  All I know is that the pumpkin patch at Schnepf's Farm is a great place to photograph, minus the Great Pumpkin.

Meet the Zombie Housewives

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Zombies Invade City

Every October in downtown Phoenix a group of the undead walk the streets.  They move in herds of over 5,000, moaning and looking for humans to feast on.  This year, I was told that there may be 20,000 zombies wandering the streets of Phoenix.  Our zombie housewives would like to be there, but Liz and Stella have a bowling tournament that night, Blossom and Colleen are planning a zombie rights march in Washington that night, and the 1970's ladies, Mary and Melissa are stuck in Crystal City and not allowed to travel beyond the city walls.  I have pictures of the 2011 zombie march that the 1950's ladies, Liz and Stella, attended and the new crusty friends they made.

**DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE "BIG ZOMBIE HOUSEWIVES GIVEAWAY".  Check it out and add your name to the list.