Scarecrows, Darkness, Corn Maze... Oh My!

Scarecrows, or hay-man, can be very creepy sitting in a field especially when it is dark.  They take the shape of humans and are usually wearing aged and tattered clothes.  They are placed in these fields to frighten away crows and sparrows from eating seeds or grown crops.  They may scare crows from invading the fields, but they can be intimidating for humans as well.  After all, they usually don't sing and help a lost girl from Kansas get to the Wizard of Oz.  Most are as creepy as the dark corn fields themselves. (For awesome and creepy scarecrow pictures, check out this blog:

Every year at Schnepf's Farms in the far east valley in Queen Creek, AZ, you will find Sharon and I roaming through the corn maze, taking pictures, and getting lost.  We have a blast and will probably do it for more years to come.  This is a glimpse of what the creepy corn maze is like inside when the sun is going down and the full moon is rising.

Hum, it doesn't look too scary.

Who the hell is that!?!

A full moon over the corn maze.

Don't go inside....

The full moon is barely shining the way.

The bright tips of the corn stalks.

I see the moon but what is the other round light?

Holy crap, it's ET!!!


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