Meet the Zombie Housewives

(ZHOA 1950's)
Liz is a divorcee who has a taste for all types of men and drinks mixed with blood.
She is Stella's slutty sister-in-law.

(ZHOA 1950's)
Stella is married with two little zombie kids.  She is the typical 50's housewife with her pearls, painted face, and perfect clothes.  Even becoming a zombie never stopped her from keeping the perfect home and having a meal on the table when her husband came home from work even if the house had no roof and the meal was raw meat.

Blossom is a zombie activist living in a zommune with two zombie war vets.
She is constantly fighting for zombie's rights to be treated equal to humans.

Colleen is married to a human, living in his world and younger sister to Blossom.  She wants to fight along side her big Sis, but is conflicted because of her human husband.  She wants to be accepted by his family, but they are afraid of her and don't trust that she won't eat him.

Mary came very close to getting married, but left her zombie fiancee at the alter.  She believes in equal rights among the zombie populace and holds an important position at the radio station.  Mary and her neighbor Melissa love to hit the bars, have a zombie drink and dance with the other undead souls.

Melissa is a divorcee, a friend to the environment, and vegan.  She lives in the same brownstone apartments as Mary and they became good friends.  Even though pollutants caused them to become zombies and live in a bordered city, Melissa still fights for keeping the city clean, and finding alternative food sources besides raw meat.

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  1. ... you have made Peppy a star. Now he thinks he's special.


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