Haunted Places Around Arizona

Some of the places Sharon and I have been to and photographed are haunted by ghosts of past souls.  These lonely spirits are doomed to repeat events for the rest of time in these places where they either died or felt a close connection to.  The history of these places are as fascinating as the people who once populated them.

The Noftsger Hill Inn (Globe)
Haunted by children and teachers of the past.

Hotel San Carlos (Phoenix)
Ghosts of boys are seen in the basement by the area where a well once stood.  The story is told that the boys possibly fell into the well to their deaths.  Also, the white apparition of a women and eerie moaning has been reported in the halls and stairwells.  Some say it is the spirit of Leone Jensen who jumped to her death from the roof.

Assay Office Building (Vulture Mine)
Many deaths in this small mining town.  Lots of paranormal activity is reported all over the area.

Bird Cage Theatre (Tombstone)
With all the deaths and gun slinging, I am not surprised to hear of all the reported ghostly activity in this building.

Hotel Vendome (Prescott)
The spirits of Abby and her cat have been reported by witnesses.  They starved to death waiting for her lover to return.

Jerome Grand Hotel (Jerome)
Weirdness surrounds this historic hotel.  Ghosts have been seen wandering the halls, unseen footsteps can be heard along with coughing where no one is present, things are being moved by unseen forces, and an eerie screaming can be heard in various places around the hotel.

Kirkland Bar and Steakhouse (Kirkland)
The ghost of a soiled dove named "Mary" has been seen in the bar area along with a cowboy shadow figure has been spotted in some of the rooms.

OxBow Inn (Payson)
The renovated bar and inn has disembodied voices, apparitions, and unexplained noises reported inside the building.

Superstition Mountains (Apache Junction)
This mountain range is full of mystery, ghosts and unexplained flying objects.


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