Zombies Invade City

Every October in downtown Phoenix a group of the undead walk the streets.  They move in herds of over 5,000, moaning and looking for humans to feast on.  This year, I was told that there may be 20,000 zombies wandering the streets of Phoenix.  Our zombie housewives would like to be there, but Liz and Stella have a bowling tournament that night, Blossom and Colleen are planning a zombie rights march in Washington that night, and the 1970's ladies, Mary and Melissa are stuck in Crystal City and not allowed to travel beyond the city walls.  I have pictures of the 2011 zombie march that the 1950's ladies, Liz and Stella, attended and the new crusty friends they made.

**DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE "BIG ZOMBIE HOUSEWIVES GIVEAWAY".  Check it out and add your name to the list.

Stella and Liz making friends.

Riding the light rail.  Who is that zombie clown?

Schmoozing with the zombie cops.

She is having his zombie baby with the aide of the crusty nun.

Bad honeymoon.

Zombie clown with road rash?

Marilyn has come back, but she is not quiet dead.

Making more friends before the walk.

Cute couple!

We stayed away from her.  (She eats zombies too, yikes.)

Creepy kids!

Single zombie men for Liz to flirt with.

I found Waldo!


  1. Weirdly enough, Waldo might be the creepiest one! Looks like there's some great people err... zombie watching at this event.

  2. 5000 or 20000, that's a lot of zombies in one place at one time!

  3. These zombie walks seem to be popping up in cities everywhere now. The zombies really are taking over.

  4. So many cool zombies. I LOVE zombie Waldo. God is he creepy.


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