Arizona Railway Museum 2020

I went back to the Arizona Railway Museum to photograph more of the outside and inside of the historic trains. I will show the pictures of most of the trains and in the next post, I will concentrate on the passenger and cargo trains. Those I was able to get inside photos.

Happy 2020

Hope this year brings everything your heart desires. Have a blessed new year!

Nature Up Close

Veterans Oasis Park Chandler, Arizona

Veterans Oasis Park

There is a hidden gem in Chandler AZ called the Veterans Oasis Park. It sits on 113 acres and uses 78 acres for groundwater recharge and wetlands. The park is also functions as a home for an assortment of Sonoran Desert plants and wildlife critters. On the land you will also find the City’s Environmental Education Center. The Veterans Oasis Park provides horse trails, walking trails, pavilions, playground, restrooms and a large lake for fishing. For those who are interested, they also offer a Solar System Walk where you can trek to the moon and back. It is a self-guided tour on paths around the lake. They have signs along the way indicating the sun, planets and other cosmic objects. For each foot you walk it signifies 1.5 million miles which is like you basically walked to the moon and back.
Sharon and I did not realize that this place existed until she looked up “interesting places to visit in Chandler”. This place popped up. Since we love photographing the Riparian, we knew this pl…