More Yard Photos

I like to wander around our backyard and try to photograph what is there from a different perspective. These are what I captured this round:

The Astrology Store and Namaste Cafe

Located along Glendale Avenue in the historic district sits a couple of shops that are noteworthy. The Astrology Store has all kinds of items for astrology and so much more. I took some pictures so you can get an idea of what is there. Sharon and I did an aura picture. It takes just a few minutes to see what colors your aura is. Mine shows me that I am charismatic, futuristic, sensual, visionary, imaginative and creative. Afterwards you are handed a folder with your aura chakra report.

The Namaste Cafe had interesting items as well, but it was their teas that roped us in. I tried the Arizona Sunrise tea and love it so much that I bought a jar.