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The Arroyo Ranch Project 1a

  At the end of April, Gary and I went to our land for a visit. The guys were able to go there and get things started. Not everything goes smoothly as they found out. They were able to start with the bathroom and perimeter fence. They are planning on going back in a week or two to finish phase one. We will plan another trip to document it with videos and photos. We are very happy with the progress so far. Ryan is meeting with a man that has shipping containers. He may give us a deal on two 20-foot and two 40-foot shipping containers. Gary and I are thinking of using one of the 40-foot containers along with both 20-foot containers to make a "U" shape house. This house would be our home that we would stay in while vacationing on the ranch. The shape would help with the strong winds and the containers would be great protection from fires. Wildfires are a real threat, so we want to protect our investment. We are hoping that the shipping containers will be phase 2 so we can start