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Gifts from Arizona

In this desert state, we have some interesting gifts you can give your friends and family who live outside Arizona or right here in the state. These are just small example of places I have found in various locations in Arizona. There are many more throughout the state.

La Paloma De Tubac (Tubac)


Western Village (Payson)

Antique and Gift Shop (Sedona)

Jim Tunell Photography

I really liked his photography and the way he displayed his work.

Treasures With A Twist

I met this talented lady at the Gilbert Off The Street Art and Music Festival. I loved how she recycled forks and spoons into gorgeous jewelry. I bought a fork necklace from her. She also reuses tea cups and saucers into hanging and decorative art for your home. Check out her Facebook page:

Happy Thanksgiving

Have a wonderful and safe day.

Mystery Castle: Interesting Items

Boyce and his family had an unusual amount of weird objects throughout the castle.

Mystery Castle: Bizarre Windows

This place has the most unusual array of windows you have ever seen. Boyce used wagon wheels, car rims and other odd pieces to create windows to the outside.