Mystery Castle: Outside

It had been six years since I visited this amazing castle sitting on South Mountain near Phoenix. I did a post on the history and here is the link: Mystery Castle history

Like always, I took so many pictures of this remarkable place because there was so much to see. I decided to break my posts into a few posts. This one focuses on the outside and all the oddities found in the walls and the view.

Downtown Phoenix

This well does not have water at the bottom, but leads to the downstairs bar. Whenever a visitor was ready for a drink, they would make a wish and the bartender below would send their drink up on a dumbwaiter. 

These odd bricks that make up this fireplace were tossed away by others. The heat from the sun gave them a warped glazed look which was perfect for the weirdness of the castle. The bricks were later a hot commodity and were hard to find.

Lion rock sits perched overlooking Mystery Castle and the valley.

This opening was created for Boyce to look at downtown Phoenix. He didn't have as much of the city to see as we do now.

These glyphs were from the Anasazi found in the Four Corners area of the state.

HoHoKam glyph from right there in South Mountain park.


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