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Olives, Oil, Wine and Lunch

The Queen Creek Olive Mill has a shop, café, and seminars all under a 5,000 square foot building.  Inside you will find various local wines, homegrown olives, stuffed olives, spreads, oils, sauces, and much more merchandise.  There is also a café where the food is made to order and delicious.  You can sit inside or outside in the cover patio or a table among the trees.  They have tours of the grounds and end with a seminar on their various olive delights.  On certain days and nights, you will find an assortment of entertainment.  I enjoyed my visit to the Olive Mill in Queen Creek where I did not go home empty handed.

Here are a couple of things I bought:

Merchant Square and Vintage

The Merchant Square Antique Marketplace is located in Chandler, AZ.  Inside the 58,000 square foot facility you will find over 200 wholesalers with items in either 130 booths or one of the 104 glass cabinets.  They have an array of things such as furniture, lighting, jewelry, vintage/antique items, and much more.  They also have over 18,000 square feet of outdoor space too with lots more stuff.  We were informed that in the near future, they will have a restaurant for shoppers to relax and grab something to eat or drink, before or after shopping at the marketplace.

Check out their website to check out more of what they are all about:

Another place to find lots of vintage furniture and other items is American Furniture Warehouse.  My husband and I got lots of furnishings from them.  Their prices are low and affordable, but I just love their vintage section.  I bought a couple of desks and cabinets from that section of the store. 
Check out thei…

Broken Crosses

One of the saddest things to see when wandering around an old cemetery is all the broken crosses and those just lying on the ground.  The stories those crosses could tell.

Cemetery Patterns

I love to take close-up photos of headstones and old cemeteries.  The interesting shapes and patterns appear make for a wonderful picture.

Dickey's Barbecue Pit

Sharon and I love to experience new places for breakfast, lunch or dinner.She had tried a BBQ restaurant in Chandler called Dickey’s Barbecue Pit and said the food was delicious.I always appreciate a great BBQ.We both tried their Beefy Mac which comes in a large box.On the bottom is slow-smoked beef brisket with a hefty helping of creamy mac and cheese on top.The meal comes with a drink of your choice.At the utensil and napkin bar are containers with different flavors of BBQ sauce you can pour on the top of the meal if you wanted, and I did.The combination of the brisket, BBQ sauce, mac and cheese was so scrumptious.The service was wonderful and the food melted in our mouths.I personally would recommend you give Dickey’s Barbecue Pit a try.
Check out their website to see where they are located, their menu, and the history or how it all began:

Cave House in Bisbee

Bisbee, Arizona has lots of interesting sites to be seen. This historic mining town has many houses perched along the slopes of the hills overlooking the main town, which has unique restaurants, shops and hotels.Some are even known to be haunted.This artist community is also the home of an unusual house built into the mountains known as the Chulo Canyon Cave House. From the external view it looks like a tiny house wedge into the mountain, but the innermost living quarters are much larger than it appears.The owner constructed his home of almost 3,000 square feet deep into the belly of the mountain with all the conveniences and characteristics of a standard home. The entrance is through an unassuming porch which leads into the main dwelling.The cave did not exist and was shaped and cut out by experts who used steel rods to reinforce the ceiling.Even though it was manmade, it looks organic. The kitchen is contemporary with a dining room, bedrooms and full size bathroom inside the caves wal…

Be My Valentine

Happy Valentines Day from Arizona.