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Laughlin NV

Laughlin in situated in the southern tip of Nevada, and across the Colorado River from Bullhead City, Arizona. It is considered a distinct town with lots of high-class hotels, gambling and river activities. In 1964, a Minnesota man named Don Laughlin, acquired land in southern Nevada. His first hotel he built was the Riverside Resort. After kicking around a couple of names for the settlement he created, they decided on Laughlin. Don promoted his little community as a place where families can choose to vacation and have lots to do. He further plugged the river, the Laughlin Riverwalk and all the outdoor activities available to all visitors. If you visit Laughlin nowadays, you will see the river lined with nine hotel/casinos with more being built. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to stay with over 10,000 rooms. Along with the many rooms are at least 60 restaurants, two museums, a bowling alley, boutiques, spas, and salons. I find it a great little getaway for

Oatman AZ

Here is a link to a post I did about Oatman and its history: I finally got a chance to visit this small and interesting town with my hubby. We were spending the weekend at Laughlin and decided to take a morning drive to Oatman. It was only 45 minutes from where we were staying, so we took off for the tiny settlement after breakfast. I was told that donkeys run freely throughout town, but never really thought about it until we saw them for ourselves. There they were hanging around the stores waiting for handouts. My hubs bought a bad of food for the critters. The store owner said there are two things you must know about feeding the donkeys. One was to not feed them on the porches but in the streets, and the other was to be leery of the more aggressive donkeys that will snatch the bag of goodies out of your hand. He was able to feed them without being attacked and they seemed to appreciate i

Thumbs Up or FU

From Wickenburg to Laughlin this boulder appears to be giving you the thumbs up. However, leaving Laughlin and heading towards Wickenburg, it appears to be giving you the one-finger salute or as others call it, the birdie. I guess it is wishing you luck in Laughlin and sort of laughing at you on the way home calling you a loser. Or it is just a mean boulder, lol. THUMBS UP! FU!

Weirdness in Boulders

If you look close at boulders on the side of mountains, you might start seeing faces or other shapes. Look closely and see if you can spot the petroglyphs. I like the moss on this rock. I see shapes in the lower left and an eerie face to the right. In the upper right appears to be a scary monster! I see odd shapes on these boulders. The upper left appears to be snake-like scales and face. Above the snake face, the rock is shaped like a fish. Under the big rock is a mouse-shaped rock heading for the hole. I am seeing a pirate face to the right center. He looks mad!! Lots of moss on these rocks . I am seeing faces in some of these rocks. Gorgeous mossy boulder! This looks like a cave with a boulder over the entrance. I am seeing a face peeking out from inside. There are cross symbols to the right of the cave. I also see a face on the center rock of the boulder covering the cave.

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

Seven years ago, I wrote about the White Tank Mountains and all the mysteries sounding the mountain range. ( ) Finally years later, Sharon and I decided to explore the park ourselves. We drove around the gorgeous scenery and waited for the sun to set. We wanted to get sunset pictures of the park and all the cacti surrounding the land. We also wanted to see if we could experience an UFO sightings or Bigfoot which there are many reported findings there. Sadly, we did not see anything unusual on that night. What we did get was gorgeous desert photos at sunset. Maybe next time we will get the pleasure of recording mysterious lights above the mountains or a cryptid or two.