Weirdness in Boulders

If you look close at boulders on the side of mountains, you might start seeing faces or other shapes. Look closely and see if you can spot the petroglyphs.

I like the moss on this rock.

I see shapes in the lower left and an eerie face to the right. In the upper right appears to be a scary monster!

I see odd shapes on these boulders.

The upper left appears to be snake-like scales and face.

Above the snake face, the rock is shaped like a fish.

Under the big rock is a mouse-shaped rock heading for the hole.

I am seeing a pirate face to the right center. He looks mad!!

Lots of moss on these rocks.

I am seeing faces in some of these rocks.

Gorgeous mossy boulder!

This looks like a cave with a boulder over the entrance. I am seeing a face peeking out from inside. There are cross symbols to the right of the cave. I also see a face on the center rock of the boulder covering the cave.


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