Laughlin NV

Laughlin in situated in the southern tip of Nevada, and across the Colorado River from Bullhead City, Arizona. It is considered a distinct town with lots of high-class hotels, gambling and river activities.

In 1964, a Minnesota man named Don Laughlin, acquired land in southern Nevada. His first hotel he built was the Riverside Resort. After kicking around a couple of names for the settlement he created, they decided on Laughlin.

Don promoted his little community as a place where families can choose to vacation and have lots to do. He further plugged the river, the Laughlin Riverwalk and all the outdoor activities available to all visitors.

If you visit Laughlin nowadays, you will see the river lined with nine hotel/casinos with more being built. You shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to stay with over 10,000 rooms. Along with the many rooms are at least 60 restaurants, two museums, a bowling alley, boutiques, spas, and salons. I find it a great little getaway for romance and entertainment.



  1. Thanks. I hadn't really seeing pics of Laughlin before and I worried they may not have any water in the waterfront area what with long droughts. Very refreshing.

    1. Yeah, they bank on that river for lots of events and activities. We need to go there so you can see it for yourself.


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