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Arizona Travels: Grand Canyon

A little snippet from my Arizona Travels book (coming out soon) about the Grand Canyon: The Grand Canyon is located in the northern part of Arizona and a must see place to visit. With approximately five million guests each year, this majestic place offers breathtaking views. You can spend an entire day or two traveling around the park and get a different experience viewing the canyon from various locations. The canyon has several hotel choices, gift shops, the skywalk, picnic areas and restaurants. You can also take a helicopter ride inside the canyon, hike down to the bottom, white water raft trips on the Colorado River, or ride the rails from Williams, AZ. If you are one who loves a paranormal experience, the Grand Canyon has had its fair share of ghost and UFO sightings. Grand Canyon *The above site will help you to find all the information on the Grand Canyon you will need to make your visit a pleasant one. Grand Canyon West and th

Splish Splash

Even though Arizona is mostly desert, it does have places where water is apparent.  There are many lakes and rivers to cool off in along with a few water parks.  Some of the more popular and larger lakes are:  Bartlett Lake (48 miles from downtown Phoenix), Bear Canyon Lake (near Payson), Canyon Lake (51 miles east of Phoenix), Fool Hollow Lake (near Show Low), Lake Havasu (Lake Havasu City), Lake Powell (between Arizona and Utah borders), Lynx Lake (near Prescott), Lake Pleasant (north of Phoenix), and many more. We like to camp in the White Mountains and enjoy the refreshing waters of the rivers near our campsite.  My husband and friends benefit from the waters of Fool Hollow Lake for fishing.  “ Fool Hollow was named for a hapless settler who attempted to farm the rocky canyon in the 1880s. The Arizona Game and Fish Department constructed the lake in 1957 specifically to provide water-oriented outdoor recreation. The lake consists of 150 acres (61 ha), with an average depth