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The Crypt Haunted Attractions 2015

Sharon and I decided to do Halloween themed things while I was visiting her, so we hit a haunted event called, "The Crypt Haunted Attractions" at the Fiesta Mall.  Two years ago we went to this place and decided to give it another try.  We were glad we did because it was fun and scary.  There are three attractions, but we only did two. The first place is known at "The Crypt" where the dearly departed are roaming around the many chambers that are hidden inside.  It was just the two of us that was lead inside by the crypt keeper.  We were given the rules of the place and sent on our way.  We wandered through a maze of vaults and spooky rooms where something or someone was always trying to get us.  We took turns leading the other into the dark corridors not knowing what was at the other end.  We rounded one corners to see mechanical zombies reaching for us.  They were a distraction so the one crawling out from under the truck could get us.  He almost did.  At the

Photography: East Valley Cemetery


Kirkland Ghost Investigation

When Sharon and I went to Kirkland in 2012 to spend a night at the hotel attached to the steakhouse and bar, we had no idea what to expect.  I had friends who went there and talked about their paranormal experiences.  We were curious, so we booked a room.  It was in the winter, so the air was chilly.  When we got there, we met with the bartender who worked and stayed there four days out of the week.  She showed us around and pointed out all the interesting stories of the place.  Some of the stories included robbing the safe, murder and other scandels.  After showing us around, we went to our room.  Room number 6 was the biggest room, but not the best.  In fact I felt very uncomfortable in the room because it was extremely rustic and unfinished.  We ended up having a couple of beers and visited with the bartender before going to bed.  The only weird thing that happened to us that time was that we both heard an old-time piano playing in the bar in the middle of the night.  The thing