The Crypt Haunted Attractions 2015

Sharon and I decided to do Halloween themed things while I was visiting her, so we hit a haunted event called, "The Crypt Haunted Attractions" at the Fiesta Mall.  Two years ago we went to this place and decided to give it another try.  We were glad we did because it was fun and scary.  There are three attractions, but we only did two.

The first place is known at "The Crypt" where the dearly departed are roaming around the many chambers that are hidden inside.  It was just the two of us that was lead inside by the crypt keeper.  We were given the rules of the place and sent on our way.  We wandered through a maze of vaults and spooky rooms where something or someone was always trying to get us.  We took turns leading the other into the dark corridors not knowing what was at the other end.  We rounded one corners to see mechanical zombies reaching for us.  They were a distraction so the one crawling out from under the truck could get us.  He almost did.  At the end, the creature with a chainsaw chased me out of the place with Sharon walking behind.  I just didn't want to be that one person who accidentally gets hurt by a real chainsaw that was only supposed to be a prop.

The next place we went to was called "The Asylum Haunted House".  The asylum was a recreation of an 1800's mental institution where the mentally disturbed were sent and never left.  They experimented on these unsuspecting souls with crazy experiments and electroshock therapy.  The lead doctor was about as crazy as his patients.  Sharon and I ended up going through this place with another couple.  The man lead the way with his wife and I sandwiched between him and Sharon who brought up the rear.  After being greeted by the weird man checking in guests, we walk through an endless closet of vintage clothes.  We were waiting for someone to grab us, but no one did.  On the other side of the closet a creepy little girl was hiding among the clothes.  We then began walking quickly through the many rooms with creepy patients who wanted us to stay.  We had to walk through the operation room where some strange experiments were being conducted.  At the end, a deranged patient chased us through many halls with a chainsaw until we finally found our way out.  Another creepy and fun place.  We had a good time and were definitely scared.



  1. Glad to see that you got your Halloween on!

    1. We try to do something every year to celebrate the holiday.

  2. That one provides a fun punch every Halloween. I just wish the houses were longer-bigger. Seems like we were out of there in minutes.


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