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Finished Greenhouse and Garden Projects

After three weeks of constructing our greenhouse kit, we finally got it done. I put together a video of the finished product. I am so happy to finally have a greenhouse. GARDEN PROJECTS This cute water fountain ended up with a crack and would not hold water. I decided to turn it into a planter. I found this wood ironing board top at an antique mall. I repurposed it into a bench. This was given to me by the funeral home that took care of my Mom's burial. I took a terracotta pot and painted it. I used my cricut machine and added text to the pot. I used my cricut joy to make labels for my plants. To label my other plants, I used file tabs and popsicle sticks. A friend gave us three old windows. I used one to make a garden sign.

Abandoned Photography: Hayden and Winkelman

We finally got to head out and take photos of abandoned structures. We decided to go back to Hayden and Winkelman AZ to see what had change in the 8 years since we been there. After getting home and downloading my photos, I compared them to the last time we were in these towns. Some structures were gone and others were barely hanging on. All and all, it was a great day and we can't wait to photograph more places. I took lots of pictures so I put them together in a video.