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Arizona Garden in December

This is how my garden looks in December 2020. We are able to plant in the fall here. While some plants take off even when it gets cold, others wait for warmer weather. We want our plants rooted well before the extreme hot summer weather. potatoes with carrots underneath green beans cherry tomatoes green onions romaine lettuce zucchini and cucumbers strawberries celery peppers and jalapenos  grapes tomatoes (eventually)

What's Up For 2021?

Our new business card.  Like many, I am ready to put 2020 to rest. This has not been the best year for many. We had a virus take our freedom, safety, security, and livelihoods away from us. Many states had to lockdown to keep the virus from spreading. I haven't been able to give my Mom a hug and kiss since the beginning of the year. She is 92 and living in a group home. Thankfully, she is doing well. We have seen heroes emerge such as first responders, nurses and doctors who worked tirelessly to save lives. I can't wait to stop wearing a mask! We did have some good things happen this year. After losing our pup, Lucy, to illness at eleven years of age in November 2019, we decided to get another pup. We found Tilly, an 8 week old cocker spaniel. She is a bundle of energy and very bossy. She has managed to destroy some of our items causing us to Tilly proof the house. Max didn't take to her right away, but is warming up to her. We love her so much. She will be a year on Januar