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Making Fluffy Slime

Your ingredients: glue, food coloring, shaving foam, and contact eye solution Start with shaving foam. Then add food coloring. Next is glue... Mix all with your hands. It is very messy! Add contact eye solution. Mix one more time and it will bind together... It is stretchy, soft and fun to play with.

Spooky's Swirls

A brand new and unique bakery opened up in Chandler AZ. Spooky's Swirls not only has amazing pastries and coffee, but a museum of creepy horror items from shows and movies you loved to watch. You don't have to be a horror lover to enjoy what this place has to offer. Next time you are in the area, check out Spooky's Swirls. Here is their website where you can see what tasty treats they have and read their story: