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Spirit Halloween: 2017


Crafts: Making a Scarecrow Head

My friend Sharon and I like to do a Halloween craft every year.  This year we decided to do scarecrow heads.  Hers was a more punk/skater dude and mine had a cape with deep dark eyes.  This is how we made them: These are the materials you will need. I cut out the eyes and mouth to make them deep and bigger. You make your adhesive mixture, a small bottle of glue and half the bottle of water. Dip burlap and squeeze off excess. Add burlap pieces to Styrofoam head. No particular pattern. Cover entire head and face. Use pins wherever the burlap raises up. After the first layer dries, I added a larger piece to look like a hood blowing in the wind. Sharon's skater dude. After all the layers dry, the next step is paint. You start with the darkest color first. We used black and diluted it with water. We painted small areas at a time, let it sink into the burlap, and dapped it with a paper towel. It gives the burlap a dirty look.