Bisbee: One of the Best Places to Live

Arizona has many fun towns that I always recommend people to visit while in the state.  I was happy to see that Thrillist also thinks so.  They added Bisbee, a quirky mining settlement, to a list of 15 cities and towns that is the perfect place to live.  They polled tons of writers and asked each to pick one American community that is the best place to reside but with a populace of under 70,000 residents.
Bisbee is known as “the best hippie town in Arizona” and was honored as the “best historic town” in the country last year.  Many of the historic houses can be purchased for around $130,000.  Your neighbors could be old hippies, artists, retirees, or just quirky individuals.  Bisbee has roughly 5,000 people living there with mild weather especially in the summer.  There are many historic buildings with hotels, restaurants, bars, galleries, antique shops, and new age shops.  If you are interested in ghosts, they have ghost tours and spirits that many have seen wandering around town and in many of the old buildings.
I love visiting Bisbee and have had a great time upon each visit.  I recommend that you do the golf carts tour around town.  You will see places that you may miss if just walking around the main street.


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