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Gold Panning in Juneau

Our first stop was Juneau. Juneau is the capital of Alaska and is landlocked. If you want to visit, you have to do it by boat or plane. I am not sure how I feel about that. The weather was fantastic, not too cold or hot, just perfect. Gary and decided on this excursion we would try our hand at gold panning. We love doing it at home in AZ, but we wanted to see what riches Alaska had for us. All we ended up with is just some gold flakes to take home. We did get to see lots of Juneau. We drove though most of it to get to Gold Creek. Gold Creek is where Joe Juneau and Richard Harris looked for gold over 100 years ago. They were near the famous Alaska-Juneau gold mine which is one of the largest hard rock mining operations. We took a step back in history to pan for gold in the same location. After we got back to town, we did a little shopping. Old, rusty, abandoned mine trains that held up to 16 men. Lots of steep roads all

The Haunted Swap Meet 2019

The haunted swap meet had about 50 venders selling their handmade horror themed items. Lots of interesting stuff to buy. There were people dressed in costume of their favorite characters. It was crowded with lots of horror fans.   I bought these Cheech and Chong magnets. I bought these from the talented Tom Deadstuff.