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Urban Exploring in Superior

One of the places Sharon and I like to urban explore is Superior, AZ.  It is a small mining town and was hit hard when the mines closed down as were many other mining towns.  We had been through Superior several times and cruised around the streets looking for interesting places to photograph.  Like usual, we found lots of places to snap a picture or two of.  Also, we were happy to see renovation of some historic structures being done.  This made us smile.

The Bees Are Still There

The first time Sharon and I saw this place in Miami, AZ, was in December of 2010.  We saw the back of it first while taking photos of the abandoned homes on the road above.  We first thought it was a house and didn't look at closely.  We drove around to the front and was surprised on how big the structure really was.  It appeared to be an apartment complex and in bad shape.  Since we were on a trek that day to look for places to take readings for our first abandoned places book ( Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories - Desert Edition ), we thought this place would be perfect. We approached the place with caution, as we do many of the abandoned places we come across.  We were able to get inside the wood building which appeared to have been a storage or laundry room.  She touched a pipe and got a reading while I took pictures.  Outside the door was cement stairs leading up to the apartments.  We got almost to the top when Sharon heard buzzing.  We noticed a huge beehive under

Restoring History

Our recent visit to Superior, AZ was a happy occasion.  Two of the abandoned buildings we love to photograph are getting a renewed life.  The Magma Hotel was built in 1912 of brick and adobe.  The MacPherson's Hotel Magma next door was constructed in 1923 of red brick.  Both are enormous two-story hotels and were full of activity when the mines were prosperous.  When the mines closed in 1981, both hotels suffered and eventually shut their doors for good. Today, the new owners are renovating both hotels and breathing life back into these historic structures.  We were told that the adobe Magma Hotel will only keep two of its originally exterior walls, the street side walls.  The red brick MacPherson's Hotel Magma's all four exterior walls will be saved.  Both places will be gutted and completely renovated back to their former glory.  Sharon and I have talked about staying a night at one of the places whenever they open their doors once more. THE MAGMA HOTEL 2011

The Eerie Quiet Cemetery

Goodyear-Ocotillo Cemetery (Chandler, AZ) It is hard to believe that the last time I laid eyes on this old west cemetery was in 2010.  Last week, Sharon and I decided to travel e ast and revisit some of the places we had not seen in two or three years.  We decided to hit the Goodyear-Ocotillo Cemetery at sunset to get the full eeriness of the place.  We were joined by a full moon which lent to the creepiness of the cemetery.  People have witnessed seeing apparitions and hearing strange sounds while inside the brick walls of the hallowed grounds.  We didn't have any paranormal experiences, but was able to take many wonderful pictures. Embedded in the wall and near the entrance of the cemetery is a plaque which reads: “The small plot of land in the east valley, Phoenix, was designated a cemetery by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio. Goodyear owned and farmed the surrounding acreage from 1916 until 1943. Goodyear workers and their families are buried there. L

Beautiful Desert Foliage

If you are near the town of Superior, AZ, you should stop in and visit the Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park.  Inside and along the paths, you are treated to gorgeous and amazing desert plants.  The paths are adorned with every tree, cactus, bushes, and flowers you can imagine.  There is even an Australia Exhibit.  Take your time and enjoy the entire experience. Man eating plants!! Bizarre trees. Cacti waving "hi" or "goodbye".