Going Back Again

Sharon and I decided to make our November road trip a return visit to the Bee Apartments in Miami, the creepy cemetery in Chandler, and some new interesting places along the way.  We have taken many photos in Miami and Superior, but this time we plan to look at things differently.  Like always, I will share the trip and photos here on my blog and design blog.  I am looking forward to seeing if the bees are stilling living at the abandoned apartments or if their enormous hive finally fell through the rotting boards of the porch ceiling.  This place is featured in our "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" book. 

Stay tuned....

The Bee Apartments
Miami, AZ

Goodyear-Ocotillo Cemetery
Chandler, AZ


  1. I grew up in Miami and played in abandoned structures like this. It was fascinating as a child to have these old creepy places to have as forts and hideouts. Sure it was crazy dangerous but we never saw it that way. These places were our private little kingdoms filled with mysterious treasures.
    I miss those days.
    I live nearby and still see some of our old haunts but no longer venture inside.


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