The Bees Are Still There

The first time Sharon and I saw this place in Miami, AZ, was in December of 2010.  We saw the back of it first while taking photos of the abandoned homes on the road above.  We first thought it was a house and didn't look at closely.  We drove around to the front and was surprised on how big the structure really was.  It appeared to be an apartment complex and in bad shape.  Since we were on a trek that day to look for places to take readings for our first abandoned places book (Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories - Desert Edition), we thought this place would be perfect.

We approached the place with caution, as we do many of the abandoned places we come across.  We were able to get inside the wood building which appeared to have been a storage or laundry room.  She touched a pipe and got a reading while I took pictures.  Outside the door was cement stairs leading up to the apartments.  We got almost to the top when Sharon heard buzzing.  We noticed a huge beehive under the rotting boards of the porches ceiling.  Since we did not want to get stung, we took pictures from the stairs and then left.

A year later, we returned to take more pictures and check on the bees.  They were still there and the hive was much bigger.  Last week, two years later, we want to photograph some of the places we have already took shots of to see how much they have changed.  To our surprise, the bees and hive were still there.  We were sure the weight of the hive would drop through the ever rotting boards, but that hasn't happened yet.  So, our Bee Apartments are still standing along with the sounds of buzzing bees.  I was able to get more pictures.  The place is basically the same, just looking more worn out with time.



The bee hive is tuck inside those boards.


  1. Your post made me wonder how long a bee hive stays in the same place. I googled that question and read that they build one hive to last for their entire life cycle. So the hives are typically used for several years. (The Queen lives 3-4 years, while her workers live under a year.) Sounds like you may have barely made it back in time to visit with the same Queen bee!

  2. Hahaha, you are adorable Googling about bees. Maybe that hives is close to an end and the queen bee will be dethroned soon. Hopefully, by the next time we visit the place the bees will be gone and we can explore more of the place.


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