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Doors to Nowhere


Hotels and Bees

Since I am spending a couple of nights at Sharon's this week, we decided to head back to Superior and Miami.  It had been awhile and we wanted to see how far they got on the refurbishing of the hotel Magma in Superior.  We were there at the beginning of the updating of the hotel and were wondering how much is completed.  I do believe they have plans of opening it up for business once more.

After checking out Superior and taking pictures of abandoned structures, we will head back to Miami.  For the past five years we have watched a growing beehive under an abandoned apartment complex's rotting porch boards.  We were amazed that the hive did not break through.  We want to see if it finally collapsed under the weight of the hive.  We also want to explore a couple of the roads above the apartments to see what is there.  We only went along the road behind the apartments, but never went any further.  We are quite curious to see if there are any more abandoned homes.  As usual, I wi…

PA to PHX: Outlet Barn, Last Day and Flying Home

DAY TEN Outlet Barn, Last Day and Flying Home
Since our hotel was near the airport and our flight was in the afternoon, we decided to urban explore and shop after checking out.  We took some back roads towards the airport, and came across a couple of empty structures.  We stopped to take pictures and enjoyed the cool weather knowing that we were heading back to over 100 degree unbearable heat.
Just outside Pittsburgh and on a side road near the highway, sits an old barn full of remarkable and exclusive items.  When we first drove past it, we thought it was an abandoned barn.  We stopped to take pictures and to our surprise it was a store with many objects to decorate the inside and outside of your house.  Among the decorative collection of extraordinary entities, we found jewelry, statues, furniture, and things to adorn the ceiling in anybody’s place.  We found all the items just as fascinating as the building itself.  I took many pictures to add to my vacation memoirs.  This was the las…

PA: Night of the Living Dead and Bigfoot-Platypus

DAY NINE Night of the Living Dead and Bigfoot-platypus
Since we had an entire day to do whatever before our dinner plans with John, we decided to drive to the Evans City Cemetery.  This cemetery is where the opening scene of the “Night of the Living Dead” was shot.

The drive was a couple of hours long from the hotel, but we didn’t mind.  It was drizzling with spots of rain and the weather was cool.  We spotted the sign for the cemetery which lead us up a small dark road.  It started sprinkling again, but we didn’t care.  While taking tons of photos around the cemetery, we were on the hunt for the headstone of “Nicholas Kramer”.  This was the very headstone Barbara was clinging to while her brother was being killed by a zombie in the movie, “Night of the Living Dead”.  We wanted to re-create the look she had while watching the undead man make a meal of her brother.

We walked down every path and road running through the cemetery, but we could not find Nicholas’ headstone.  The weather was c…

PA: Barns, Shops and Pittsburg

DAY EIGHT Barns, Shops, and Pittsburg

This day started with Sharon telling all about her active night.  Before leaving Gettysburg, I had to walk around the Federal Point Inn and take pictures of this astounding structure.  Every part of the building and grounds were worth taking a photo of.  It was just marvelous.  On the way out of town, we stopped to take more pictures of the battlegrounds and some of a cemetery nearby.

About 6 miles west of Gettysburg on Route 30, we saw an amazing display of statues in front of a large shop.  The Bigfoot ones caught our eyes and we knew we had to check this place out.  On the outside, the yard of statues goes on as far as the eye can see.  The variety of cement sculptures are endless, with anything you can imagine or even want, sitting on the lot for sale.  Inside the Desert Flower Wholesale Shop you will find a remarkable array of eclectic, unusual, to even horror themed items.  This surprising wholesale shop is worth a visit if you are ever in the …

WV & PA: Crabs, Battlefields and Inns

DAY SEVEN Crabs, Battlefields, and Inns
Day six was a full and long day, and day seven would be more of the same.  We would start the day in West Virginia and end our time in Gettysburg, PA.  On the road from Morgantown to Gettysburg, we saw lots of abandoned places, cool cemeteries, and had lunch in Maryland with an old friend of Sharon’s.
Cruising along the back roads in WV, and heading towards lunch in Hagerstown, MD, we came across two equally amazing abandoned structures.  Sharon and I saw them set back and up a somewhat paved road.  We knew we needed to stop and take pictures.  We parked the car and hiked up the road towards the large house and small cabin-like building sitting next to it.  As we got to the top of the road, we noticed they were sitting along a two-lane road.  I was drawn to the large two-story house because it was the type of house I always wanted to live in.  It looked as if it had been empty for many years.  To me, it was a beautiful piece of art just asking to b…