Cave House in Bisbee

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Bisbee, Arizona has lots of interesting sites to be seen. This historic mining town has many houses perched along the slopes of the hills overlooking the main town, which has unique restaurants, shops and hotels.  Some are even known to be haunted.  This artist community is also the home of an unusual house built into the mountains known as the Chulo Canyon Cave House.
From the external view it looks like a tiny house wedge into the mountain, but the innermost living quarters are much larger than it appears.  The owner constructed his home of almost 3,000 square feet deep into the belly of the mountain with all the conveniences and characteristics of a standard home.
The entrance is through an unassuming porch which leads into the main dwelling.  The cave did not exist and was shaped and cut out by experts who used steel rods to reinforce the ceiling.  Even though it was manmade, it looks organic. The kitchen is contemporary with a dining room, bedrooms and full size bathroom inside the caves walls.  The rock walls keeps the house’s temperature in the 70s in the summer, and around 66 degrees in the winter.  There is no air conditioner, so there is no electric bill which is sweet.  Along with the unique living area, there are the amazing outdoor amenities that surround the land.  You can walk the path behind the house to the ponds or just enjoy the gorgeous views.  The house also comes with a separate garage, shop, library and guest house.
You can check out this website to find out more about this unique home.  I think it might be for sale. Website:


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