Back to Gilbert AZ

Gilbert is a small town which supports the many local growers in the state of Arizona.  In the past 20 years, this tiny town has undergone a huge growth spurt and has been one of the best places for businesses and people to live.

Gilbert was known as the “hay capital of the world” and in 1902 a rail line was constructed through the land of William “Bobby” Gilbert.  The town of Gilbert began flourishing around it and became a key farming region until the late 1920s.  In the 1970s, Gilbert was granted 53 square miles of county land in order to prosper and grow.  That turned out to be a smart move because this amazing “small wonder” is a hidden gem which is still growing today.

Sharon and I just happen come across the Gilbert Off The Street Art and Music Festival. It had booths with amazing artists. I loved many of their items and bought some. I have been inspired to revamp my Etsy shop and will post the changes in a later post. We ate at Zinburger and had zucchini and spicy fries for dinner. The perfect meal to go with beer. I love the small town feel of Gilbert.


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