Haunting Look of Abandoned Places

These are some of the abandoned places I photographed which had a haunting look and feel to them.  I thought they looked even more spooky in black and white.

An abandoned two-story farmhouse would be the perfect place for a horror flick.

A dead crow outside an empty adobe motel adds to the creepiness of the place.

Inside the long, dark, hallow halls of the Domes where an eerie vibrating noise haunts your every move.

An old forgotten apartment building once had human voices surrounding the place, but now all the noises you hear are the bees buzzing around the porch near their huge hive hidden underneath the ceiling's rotting boards.

A small wooden home sitting all alone in a grassy field.

The path to haunted bunkers where the Mothman has been seen by witnesses.  I got an unsettling feeling in that area.

A shell of a crusty wood farmhouse now being devoured by vines and critters.

A huge abandoned warehouse and store where vagrants once live has finally met its end.   Sadly, we were told this place is to be demolished.

A wooden house at the side of the cliff sits empty and alone at the end of town.

A small cemetery hidden near the highway and tucked amongst the trees.


  1. Those are some amazing shots. That one with the dead crow outside of the motel... especially chilling.

  2. Those are some spooky shots! They're made even more spooky by being in black and white. The farmhouse that's covered in vines is the creepiest to me.


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