MacPherson's and Magma Hotels

They now sit abandoned in downtown Superior, AZ, but were once the place to stay while in town.  In 1912, the Magma Hotel was constructed with an adobe portion added four years later.  In 1923, the red brick MacPherson's Hotel Magma was finished and managed by John M. MacPherson for a couple of decades.  These large two-story hotels were bustling with activity when Superior's mines were at their most prosperous. But in 1981 when the mines closed, the town of Superior along with its businesses suffered.  The hotels took a hit and eventually closed their doors.

Today, they are empty with only memories and possibly some of the town's past residents or visitors still staying at these hotels.  There have been claims of paranormal activity among the ruins.  Some have reported seeing apparitions, or hearing disembodied voices and unexplained noises.  A fence surrounds the decaying walls of the hotels, keeping curious onlookers from getting hurt.


  1. I'd have loved to see what it was like when that place was hoppin' in the roaring 20s.


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