Schnepf Farms Chili Fest 2015

Another year, another holiday, time to enjoy the chili fest at Schnepf Farms.
This is what we saw this year:

The first thing we do is to get our faces painted.  Every year we pick something different.

 The next place is to get something to eat.

We picked the hot dog meal.

We enjoyed the country band while eating our meal.

The train went by during dinner.

Next, we had to photograph the sunflowers.

Around the farm.

We then photographed the pumpkins.

After the pumpkins, it was off to get lost in the corn maze.

Of course we couldn't miss the night terror train ride.  Lots of creepy things were hiding in the dark.

 Our little night lights.

The exit was through the store.  I just had to buy some of their pumpkin butter....yum!


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