Zombie Housewives

The "Real Housewives" or the "Desperate Housewives" have nothing on the "Zombie Housewives".  Sharon and I are working on another book and by the title I bet you can guess what it is all about.  We went back to the Slaughterhouse which provided us with the best setting to take zombie pictures.  The horror ended up being the gawd awful weather.  The heat just about did us in.  I know what you are thinking, "why would you take outdoors pictures during a heatwave?"  When we planned it, we didn't know that Mother Nature would be having a hot flash which lasted a couple of weeks.  We persevered and got some fun pictures for our book.  I will tell you more about the book and show more pictures on September 30th for the "Blogger Zombie Walk".


  1. I survived the zombie apocalypse photo shoot (that should be on a t-shirt)

  2. If we can survive the weather, we can survive the rise of the zombies.

  3. When do we get the zombie bathing-suit calendar?

  4. How about Real Desperate Zombie Housewives of New Jersey?

  5. Love the idea and will be waiting for the release. Great pics!

  6. Yeah, "Zombie Housewives" bite! And I mean that in the best possible way!! Haha!

  7. Barry--as soon as we feel comfortable in our rotting skin.

    Bubba--we are much more wilder than the Jersey or other housewives. Plus we like to have you over (as) or rather for dinner!

    MM--Sharon's son designed the cover for us. Zombo, love the name....hahaha!

    Shockgrubz--don't have a release date yet but we are hoping for it to be this year.

    LGH--you bet we bite especially (anyone) or rather anything which goes good with Ranch.

    Jessica--except for the hot photo shoot, it has been fun so far.

  8. that is great... great... great fun!



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