Outside the Globe Jail

This is the jail where we (POE) did our ghost hunt.  I need to got through those pictures and videos and will post the best ones.  I will also talk about my experience ghost hunting there.  The jail in Globe opened in 1910 and closed in the 1970's.  It housed the worst of the worst, women with their children, and famous outlaws.  There were several murders inside the haunting cells. You feel the many spirits who seem to be hanging around the prison walls watching you as you walk around the narrow halls.


  1. Cool pics! I'll bet you got some really dramatic shots of those tall buildings when the light was just right.

  2. Abandoned prison? Check!
    Abandoned brothel? Check!
    We're knocking them off the list, sis. We need to go to an abandoned asylum, except I think they might reopen it if they see us coming.

  3. Looks like an amazing place to do a ghost hunt! I love the pics!

    Also, You won the free book in my book give away. Send me your address and I'll send you your book. My gmail address is jessica.penot@gmail.com.

  4. Hey Eric Bubba, check out my next post of the buildings around the jail, the lighting was just right in some of those photos. If we were there all day, I probably would have hit the time of day to snap the best pictures. But I am happy with what I got... Thanks!

    Sis, we need to definitely check out a creepy abandoned asylum. There are some nasty ghosts hanging around those places.

    Jessica, awesome about winning the book. I sent you my addy. I have inside pictures coming and will do a post about my experience during the ghost hunt there. It is a very creepy place in the day but more so at night.


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