This Ain't Mayberry, Andy

It's Miami AZ


  1. You know, if I had to live in Miami, AZ, I'd choose that church house! Freaking AWESOME!!! The pictures came out beautifully. Still smile at the upside down STOP sign. I wonder if it was one of the "slow children" who put that in?

  2. Haha, I wonder about that too. Don't forget, there is a church for sale in Prescott. It would be awesome to live in one.

  3. Some pretty strange places for sure.... :\ But, I guess that's exactly what you like to find. :)

  4. Very Rustic looking indeed, quite the opposite of Alabama, is all green here.
    Cool Blog- I will be back and often
    Please take a minute & visit my blog.(Ineed more followers)

  5. Lois, you seem to understand. These towns have lots of history especially in the abandoned structures all over the place. I love the haunting look of these places.

    manthy, thanks for the follow and stopping by. I will check out your blog. Many of the places out here in the west are rustic. That is one of its many appeals.

  6. I'd live in a church. Boy would the neighbors hate me if it had a bell.

  7. Nice and peaceful, I could live there.

  8. And yet, somehow, this still looks more appealing than Miami, FL.

  9. Barry, you would be ringing your bell all the time! ;-)

    Angry Lurker, it is definitely a great place to take many photos of abandoned places. It's a very quiet town.

    ABftS, hahaha... I never been to Miami,FL.

  10. Well Miami is not better!

    Thank you always for the kind comments.


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