What's Next to the Jail

Next to the jail is an abandoned building set to be demolished, an old church, and the courthouse which has an old walkway leading to the jail.



  1. Love that 3rd pic with the 'outline' of what was removed. Also dig that reflected sunlight in the 6th one. Definitely a cool place to catch the right lighting.

  2. the 5th picture is very nice. really says something on its own. nice post :]

  3. I know, the sunlight from the church windows--wow!

  4. Sharon (my sis) told me I would love the back of the building next to the jail and she was right. The rusty building was great. I am glad I walked down further to find the church windows. They gave off the best light.

    Thanks Sis...

  5. Those are great pictures. Especially the church photos - the light is fantastic!


  6. These places are creepy Adsila. Good shots.

  7. The arched church windows are so cool! Like a reversed shadow.

    I'm envisioning a vampire bursting into flames in that small spot of light created by a house of worship... I know... I've got a very over-active imagination!

  8. Frog Queen, I got lucky finding the church at that time of day.

    Adrian, creepy indeed. This is what I love to find.

    LGH, I love the way you think, hahah!

    Angry Lurker, yes, I can see a horror movie filmed there. I see zombies...

  9. The 3rd picture is amazing, I love your photography.


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