The Road to Nowhere

There goes my ride.


  1. Man, next time we gotta get all the way to the tunnel and get some spooky shots!

  2. Yeah, when it is not so hot outside.

  3. Haha, yeah it does look like you're in the middle of nowhere! Not a good place to lose your ride. :)

  4. Hee Hee! Hiya Sis-tah! Chase that crazy red-headed woman down! Speaking of red-heads...I see you are and have both been "red" for some time. I have actually been a very dark red-head before....I'm thinking of doing it again come fall! Hey, I need to match when I finally drag my but out west to visit!

    Miss yous!

  5. Justine, yep on that long and winding road. This one actually lead to an awesome tunnel but it was too hot to hike down to it. We will hike there when it is cooler outside.

    Tara, I do have red in my hair. No matter what color I dye it, the red comes out. Now I just dye it different shade of reddish/blonde/brown.


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