Zombies Invade Phoenix

As you know Sharon and I (Liz and Stella), along with some friends, participated in Phoenix's 2011 Zombie Walk.  We gathered in a park in downtown Phoenix along with almost 4000 other zombies, food (humans), and ghostbusters helping the zombie police to keep things from running amuck. I have picked some of the best zombie pictures to show you.  Some people did such a fantastic job putting on their best zombie faces. 

Fred Flintstone


We found Waldo.


  1. I am so stoked for next year! Wow! That was a blast!

  2. Stella and Liz will have decayed more by then and just might look pretty gruesome.

  3. Looks like Waldo had gone un-found for just a bit too long. LOL!

    That event must've been a real hoot!

  4. Yeah Bubba, if we just would have found Waldo sooner, we could have saved him. Now he is a zombie.

  5. All I gotta say is, I'm freaking glad The Human didn't take me on this one!

  6. The Waldo is a classic. Anytime someone has an idea good enough to steal, it's a great idea.

  7. Those pictures are awesome! Happy Halloween!!

  8. Ha! You might want to lose Waldo now that you've found him. ;)

    Awesome photos ~ Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful Halloween!

  9. Dale; *warning* you are going next year!

    MM; I agree. Waldo was a popular zombie.

    LGH; Happy Halloween to you too.

    Justine; yeah, Waldo isn't looking well these days. Hope you have a great Halloween.

  10. After so many years of where's Waldo? It figures he's finally found dead. That almost makes me happy, because the search is over.

  11. Max, I agree. I was tired of trying to find the little bastard. All this time he has been wandering the streets of Phoenix and is a zombie....sigh!


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