Cooler Weather, Cabin and No Wifi

We made it, back from Flagstaff and looking for Bigfoot. The trip was a blast as they usually are with Sharon and the POE guys. This time my husband came along and got to meet my ghost hunting friends but in this case Bigfoot hunting friends.

After meeting at a McDonalds in Cordes Junction, we caravanned to Flagstaff and our cabin near Mormon Lake. We could see the dark clouds in the background knowing we were in for rain. As we approached Flagstaff, the usually visible San Francisco Peaks had almost completely disappeared.

On the turnoff road to the cabin we experienced hard rain and hail. We passed by Lake Mary and noticed how low it was. At least it had water, Mormon Lake was dry. You could see a strip of water in the background but that was it. Wow, I knew we had a water shortage, but seeing this lake dry puts it all into perspective. The land where the lake used to be was marshy and wet.

We arrived in the tiny town and got the keys to our cabin. We got one of the older cabins which had short doors. I am 5’4” and the only one who didn’t have to duck going through the door. It had a very rustic look and feel to it. Inside, it had one bedroom with the bathroom connected to it. My hubby and I stayed in there. We did have Direct TV but no Wifi. What, no Wifi? This was truly a vacation because Sharon and I could not answer any emails and check on our blogs. Also, we were told to be careful in the woods because hunting season started October 1st which was the next day. Great, if Bigfoot or a bear didn’t get us a hunter just might. The story will continue with our first visit to the woods to assess how we would do the Bigfoot hunt.


  1. Sweet cabin! Must have been loads of fun!

  2. I LOVE that cabin!!!!!!!!!!



  3. Wow! Can't believe how dry that lake is.

    Love the cabin. hope to hear more on bigfoot hunt soon.

  4. The cabin was pretty cool and rustic (with the exception of Direct TV). We spent most of the time on the porch enjoying the weather.

  5. Ha. I forgot we had a TV in there! That was a blast. I was glad i was forced not to use my computer. I wanted to follow the zombie event, but I also know me and I would have never unwound. Nature is my mommy and I wanted to visit her very much. I come alive in the woods like a wild thing. It was a blast and my team took their job seriously when they needed to and were a total cut-up blast when they didn't need to b serious. I still hear the Billy Jack song stuck in my head we were chanting with the motorcycle gang pulled up "Listen children to a story that was written long ago...."

  6. It was nice to not stress over our computers and having to add posts. We got to enjoy nature even though some of it scared me (tee hee). I will be splitting our trip up in a couple more posts so I can add more pictures.

  7. Did they name the cabin that before or after your stay?


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